Cup machine production of paper cups to drive the development of other industries

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
At present, making a cup of machine in the production of paper cups, and so did the other industries development, more and more fast food packaging is from the bondage of pure plastic products, some of the most common kind of fast food packaging. More health food paper supplies gradually into the life of people, in more and more projects for people's need to provide a convenient way of faster, it is also a leading food and beverage industry in the direction of the more health and more healthy development important mission. People will also be on paper all into more of the more innovative ideas and action, to seek greater development. Paper is paper industry, driving the development of the first industry as the main material of paper is paper. Although the trees in the stage of planning to use, but raise the high utilization ratio of wood on the paper and look for a substitute for the paper is also people continuously in the research topic. People focus on the ecological environment, people also in promoting the research on all supplies of paper recycling. Paper cups of another kind of raw material is domestic paper, imported PLA film laminating paper, paper imports of PE film. PE film is on the paper with the laminating machine ( Fumo machine) Sprinkle a layer of PE ( Polyethylene) Membrane; For the PLA's explanation is: polylactic acid fiber ( Corn fiber) ; 中国人民解放军; Polylactic acid fiber is a kind of completely biodegradable synthetic fiber which can be obtained from grain. Its products after abandoned microbial action hitches in soil or water can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, burning without toxic also won't cause the pollution of other, fiber is a kind of sustainable development of ecology. Of lactic acid molecules in a single have a hydroxyl and carboxyl, multiple lactic acid molecules together,. . . OH - with other molecules - COOH dehydration condensation - COOH and other molecules OH dehydration condensation, the polymer in formation are called polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is also known as poly lactide belonging to the polyester family. Based on poly (lactic acid) (PLA) lactic acid as main raw materials of raw material source, the polymer and can regenerate adequately. In view of the high environmental protection paper cup and the special requirements of high health, is bound to further to promote domestic PLA and PE to develop in the direction of the higher technology. Need to attach importance to the quality of the food itself, but food and drink utensils quality also need to get equal attention. At present many research institutions to cooperate with paper cups health development request of biodegradation technology is constantly improving, lid machine the development of this technology not only puts forward new requirements for the health development of paper cups, at the same time, it will inevitably lead to the development of relevant industries. Paper cups are not perfect, it is facing a higher request in environmental issues. But in most cases, we are not in the escape from a problem to survive, but to seek development in the pressure to solve the problem, this is the real motivation factors of productivity development. It is due to the convenient fast speed and paper cups paper cups the evolvability of the industry, sheet material machine that prompted us to have a higher better development in the future.
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