Cup machine mechanical limit and mold production

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
For production of disposable plastic cup machine at present, the main equipment is cup machine, it is a specialized machinery for the production of disposable plastic cup with. Now plastic products, disposable plastic products, in particular, are adopted this type of plastic processing and molding machinery for manufacturing, and said to the production of disposable plastic cup with equipment, has produced a large plastic cup production equipment, mainly used for of the plastic start until (till) the final cooling molding the whole process of production. Cup machine and this system is divided into automatic molding machine and molding machines in two. Automatic molding machine is suitable for mass production, can from the heating plate, plastic processing, cooling, mold release to the final product shipped the whole process of automation. Efficient automatic molding machine, product quality is stable, the automation of production to reduce the use of human, but the product is the size of the machine. Mold size less than the size of the specified machine, increase the size of the hole and the mold size, outside edge size is the same as the additional pressure box the size of the machine frame, otherwise may increase the risk of excess metal. Mould automatic molding machine is mainly used in steel. To form artificial method is simple, the main equipment for plate heat drying room, compressor, crushing and die. Veneer after heating, with his hand in the mold, mold clamping pressure box, and then breathe in molding.
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