Cup machine internal rotor balance and &broom cup machine production products

by:Mengxing     2020-03-01
Plastic cup is we now live in the most used one, as a result of the plastic cup light, non-friable, easy to carry, etc by the broad masses of customers favor and attention. The modern plastic cups and disposable paper cups are to be carried out by making a cup of machine processing and production, has good sealing, and sealing for the plastic cups and sales of disposable paper cups is more helpful. It is similar to lunch box machine, is a mold manufacturing machinery, and are able to produce such plastic cups, mainly due to the performance of the system cup machines, one of the principle is the principle of system cup machines more classic. System cup machine rotor on the basis of the principle of static equilibrium experiments of static balance the gravity of the rotor does not make the rotor rotation. Experimental method is the rotor, in small friction coefficient of the two parallel horizontal bearing, bearing down it stops; The rotor turn 90 °, if the rotor fixed, then the rotor is static balance. If the rotor stopped he turned back to the original position and the axis of the rotor's center of mass must be right. At this time in axis of upper part try to add weight, until the rotor can stop at any position. To write down the counterweight mass diameter size and location, and then to increase or to balance again.
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