Cup machine hydraulic system using the new design of unifinication of electricity liquid gas

by:Mengxing     2020-06-10
Plastic cup with the emergence of use we need to drink now lives become more convenient, especially the emergence of disposable plastic cup or a paper cup, people's demands for city also brought big change and influence. And now as the main equipment for producing the plastic cup, cup machine hydraulic system is indispensable in the processing and manufacturing, and the present hydraulic system cup machine adopts the technology to carry on the design of unifinication of electro-hydraulic gas, on the performance has been further ascension. Adopted this technology with high performance as a result, makes the machine at the beginning of the feeding system of cup, the material feeding, clamping, thermoforming, cooling and fixed on the receiving is a highly effective. This system cup machines is also currently disposable plastic cups and paper cups of the main mode of production, relatively speaking, this machine is also a molding machine, through the process form the use of plastic materials. The efficiency, the use of production equipment makes the city now supply could improve the comprehensive plastic cup, plastic cup used in the city now, more and more demand is bigger, the generation of this kind of molding machinery is undoubtedly a good help.
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