Cup machine features and tooling

by:Mengxing     2020-03-13
Playing cup machine has what kind of characteristics? Below we put cup machine the following characteristics: simple introduction on the clipboard, outside of the effect of cutting edge, the edge of some lower also shape the edge effect. Height blade individual, change the cavity can be smart, plastic cup mold for all kinds of consumption. To mould manufacturing cost, also slows down the speed of the mould, at the same time improve the efficiency of sales. To help pressure tension, air pressure molding shrinkage. At the edge of the lower shear and shear - 100 5000000. Blunt shear plate, sharp blade grinding, reusable. Therefore, in the 'disposable plastic cup' consumption, lid vendors would directly affect the effect of consumption and cup machine mould maintenance and repair of the quality is good or bad. Therefore, how to effectively protect the mold maintenance is the key. So initiative: the best fixed hot-work die in a barotropic model matching BOPS thermoforming machine. Because change mould is usually not only the influence of land use, and the formation damage of the die can either stop at the assembly, installation, debugging, virtually increased, inevitable with precision will gradually decline, then the quality of the product, the influence of consumption. Positive pressure molding or domestic positive pressure hot forming machine ( Including domestic CAM, domestic oil type positive pressure thermoforming machine, installation, adjustment) , the principle of component and its mould. Installation and debugging the methods described below is based on the CAM type positive pressure hot forming machine playing cup machine mould installation, debugging steps: a mold base on machine installation, the installation of the mould surface to wipe clean, with a clean cloth, and rust-proof oil spraying quantity, daub smooth paste transparent color food grade the pressure rod. Installed in the mold base on the device die, don't lock bolt, blade mold for the inconvenience. Assist mold SETI indentation cutting nozzle. Mold base under the mounting surface, mould installation surface, with a clean cloth to wipe clean, rust-proof membrane, mold the push rod is grease. Lower die installed in the mold base unit, do not tighten bolts. Manual turning die forming state ( That is, the circular arc radius) , through the distribution of tools and a fixed nut ( Thick slices) , the tools and a nut or inclined plate ( Decoration) , the shear plate with the blade thickness of sheet metal under a third - The distance between the 1/3 d 5. ( Some can be set, and trimming die structure) Manual steering shear position, that the sword to the clipboard. Lock or bolt: first on the mould, from inside to outside, and in the corner. Force balance in order to keep the lid mold, it is recommended to use the torque wrench, torque screwdriver depends on the proper choice. Proper cooling water pipe installation, the pipe. Regarding the equipment made in China, open the machine, should first by assigning the pistons, forming gas, blow, feed induction switch, the location of the stagnation, to determine the action sequence. Hydraulic equipment, starting position should guarantee the induction switch, and then set, adjust the length of time each movement sequence. As for from the main hot forming machine, Angle of export, should be through setting the pistons, starting point of formation of gas, blow, feeding, and length of time sequence and stationary point must be run. Coarse sequence can be based on the normal sequence control diagram, the emergence of the sheet machine is imitation and summarizes many of the actual production and processing sequence, a wide range of positive. Personal just fine-tuning, single chip only need big exchange.
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