Continuous and intermittent 'automatic cartoning machine'

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
The transmission system of the intermittent cartoning machine stopped running, its fastest rate is 80 - 100 boxes per minute, in the 50 - commonly 80 boxes per minute. Specific analysis is as follows: the main transmission by protractor or brake pad machine type line motion and stop of each cycle. Main transmission time, throughout the transport chain, ship products fall into static transmission chain, open box system for single head reciprocating, cheng fang box holds up in the storehouse 200 cartons, single suction head under the suction box by the stillness of the box of the chain of transmission chain and damper to open the box, in a chain, single suction head back, slow; Folding machine suction under the instruction continuously sent to the products under the boat, longitudinal transverse fixed putts system to push products into the carton, putting back in situ; Transverse fixed seal box system, turn off the box, and back in place. Main transmission, movement time product delivery chain movement, will ship the product to the paper folding machine and in turn open box system under the suction, folding machine, not push rod action, sealing box system also stop action.
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