Compound machine safety operation procedures

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
1, dealing with before starting the machine is used to conduct a comprehensive inspection, fastener bolt is loose, if there are any loose should be reset in a timely manner. Rotating components will lack of oil, such as lack of oil should be timely refueling. 2, open the steam valve, close drainage gate, until no appear flat. 3, the paper installed to the frame, the line, then put paper from preheating cylinder drying. 4, put away the glue, open the back glue machine, bake, tube temperature is above 30 ℃, and then baked road roller to hit bottom, put the belt tightly, open the power supply, start the motor, speed, temperature of 180 ℃ before put into production. 5, each single machine paper from preheating cylinder wear into the rubber roller to bake. 6, requirements to ensure alignment, each wire temperature of 180 ℃ wear face paper into the baking. E, B machine, A machine in order to paper through baking, bringing down the glue roller and suction hood slow running, the rubber and rubber roller clearance to moderate. 7, cardboard from baking crossing output to improve the quality of cardboard check, see if board intact. As a 'high' and 'glue rickety', 'face paper discount', 'paper bending' phenomenon, to deal with the machine debugging until qualified products, to mass production. 8, the production is finished, close the steam brake, open the outlet, the machine slow running, to bake, tube temperature fell to below 30 ℃ can stop, relax the belt, pressure roller lifting up more than 10 cm/min, the machine is used for routine maintenance.
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