China will become the world's largest packaging equipment market

by:Mengxing     2020-04-16
According to authoritative expert forecasts, despite the financial crisis hit, but the world packaging machinery market demand will remain 5. 2% annual growth rate, by the year 2012 is expected to reach $39. 8 billion, for example the cup machine. Have such comments, because the economy although slow, but is still in progress, People's Daily consumption ( Especially the food) Is still in the increase, thereby giving impetus to the development of the packaging market, as well as packaging production of packaging equipment and lid machine demand. For now, many global packaging equipment into the renewal period, the investment in fixed assets is the enterprise in order to survive in the increasingly fierce market competition must do. To invest in new equipment can improve the production efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and reduce the material waste. In the next few years, packaging equipment sales in developing countries and regions will be more than in the developed countries and regions, Such as Japan, the United States and Western Europe) Sales of sheet machine, for instance. And the biggest developing country, — China, the demand for packaging equipment to will exceed $3. 3 billion in 2012, so as to surpass the United States as the world's largest market. In India and Russia, as well as in the low volume market, such as Ukraine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey, the market demand for packaging equipment have some upside. Although in some developed countries, such as Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan, the demand for packaging equipment will be relatively slow, but also has a certain growth. Packaging equipment manufacturing industry, on the other hand, will also rise at a faster rate in developing countries, such as BOPS thermoforming machine needs, but equipment manufacturing capacity is led by the industrialized countries. By 2012, Western Europe, Japan and the United States will continue to occupy two-thirds of packaging machinery market.
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