- automatic vacuum molding machine problems and processing mode Union star packaging machinery

by:Mengxing     2020-06-19
Automatic vacuum molding machine is a kind of to do only a small amount of investment, and wide scope of application of thermal vacuum molding equipment, its working process is simple, easy to operation and maintenance, so full automatic vacuum molding machine, after all, is machine manufacturers in the actual operation some may appear this or that problem, the following main introduce automatic vacuum molding machine can't work on vacuum treatment. First to find the reason, from the four parts of the automatic vacuum molding machine for check: 1, 2, 3 solenoid valve gas path belt 4, vacuum gauge, vacuum pump motor and then you can according to the inspection status of the fully automatic vacuum molding machine to deal with the problem, the common situation is commonly: 1, 2, suction machines in gas circuit impassability solenoid valve is fully open 3, vacuum molding machine, vacuum pump motor belt is not tight, from in situ 4, vacuum suction machine table don't use the wrong if these problems can make automatic vacuum molding machine work is not stable, easy to produce defective products. For example: membrane absorption when the position is not accurate; Automatic vacuum molding machine have not yet begun to absorb, the problem such as membrane is automatically lift down. Solution: 1, keep the suction machine pneumatic flow 2, 3 closed suction molding machine electromagnetic valve, vacuum molding machine vacuum pump motor to return fastening belt, is not to replace the new 4, suction molding machine to put on a high quality vacuum gauge fitted with more than just automatic vacuum molding machine cannot work on vacuum processing methods, automatic vacuum molding machine working long hard to avoid can have small problem, the quality problem that is not itself. And yet every problems are when it is important to screen in time, it's not difficult to deal with. In automatic vacuum molding machine before using, when using, after using the three links, if operator corresponding ready to suck at three machines in comprehensive examination, proper operation and maintenance, can not only ensure full automatic vacuum molding machine work more efficient, can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance. Au XingQuan automatic vacuum molding machine: /
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