Automatic coating machine coating

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
For such as paint, ink, varnish, glue and cosmetics, and many other products, many laboratory tests the reliability of the quality and consistency with the sample has a direct relationship. To ensure the repeatability and reproducibility, any kind of this kind of coating on the test, whether for its physical properties ( The drying time, flexibility, abrasion resistance, etc. ) Appearance or performance ( Luster, color, color, etc. ) Basic condition, is the sample must be uniform, comparable, accurate thickness control. To choose machine is that much more strictly electric automatic coating machine, coating machine to meet the special requirements, new offers a wide variety of high precision coating and coating, provides a large number of sample testing with higher repeatability and reproducibility. If you want to get the highest repeatability and reproducibility, manual coating is difficult to meet the requirements, because the paint flow speed and smoothness is also a key factor. New electric specially designed after the coating machine series, ensures that: constant speed operation smooth - — No vibration, no ridges, no thickness change every time to achieve high repeatability and reproducibility
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