Air bubble film machine of bubble film blowing method is introduced

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Air bubble film machine production of air bubble film blowing method of air bubble film machine blowing method from the blow down, T die head, a flowing membrane is 2 layer, and then flow to the bubble stick, bubble stick is by vacuum pump, through the bubble stick bubble point of adsorption was formed, and then winding. Polyethylene composite bubble film machine processing technology of polyethylene composite bubble film machine is mainly composed of extruder, die, vacuum negative pressure system, bubble forming mold, traction mechanism, rolling flat body, winding mechanism, electrical control system of main parts, such as raw material from loading port to join, until the finished product rewinder automatic control of electromechanical integration products. Air bubbles ( Mat) Film machine using a one-time molding process. Air bubble film machine sawing machine functions and characteristics of the air bubble film machine, Air cushion film machine) Sawing sawing sawing machine is specialized in the coil of bubble film, air cushion film, the sawing machine, can make the whole roll of bubble film, air cushion film, bubble film, foam film, cutting the very neat. The characteristics of the air bubble film machine 1, machine performance is stable, durable; 2, this machine can produce 2 layer of bubble wrap. 3, the raw materials ( LDPE recycled plastic, LLDPE) Strong adaptability; 4, choose different flower roll mould, can produce Φ 6 ~ 32 range of bubble size; 5, unique tilting winding mechanism, the operation is simple, convenient; 6, one machine with water cooling and air cooling two at the same time; Water can improve the production efficiency, output stereo sense is strong, transparent bubble membrane, membrane water can meet do not take water 7, frequency control of motor speed control, effectively reduce the energy consumption of machine
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