Working principle of the automatic pressure forming machine - Union star packaging machinery

by:Mengxing     2020-06-19
Automatic pressure forming machine principle of work is as follows: 1, automatic pressure forming machine working principle is: heat the plastic sheet, in shaping station completed action and the product shape, the chain will be formed after the semi-finished products delivery, again by automatic die cutting station finish feeding, punching and stacking and counting, and will automatically be pushed to the packaging design in the number of product platform, automatic curling into volumes, finished products manufacturing. 2, automatic suction plastic raw materials: PS, OPS, EPS, PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PET, etc. 3, automatic vacuum molding machine with low power consumption can and operation is convenient and fast advantages. Low power consumption is one of the native characteristics, forming station is controlled by the cylinder, at the same time around the cylinder to take four balance guide pillar, in order to reduce the service life of the cylinder wear add; Equipment adopt advanced durham ma pills, its advantages are: movements smooth, fast, to send piece of spacing is correct, send interval error within 1 mm; FRP products molding and die cutting finished, moulded into the stack stand by completing the count and stack. 4, heating system, adopt advanced ceramic heater, equipment equipped with upper and lower heating furnace, according to different requirements, the heating furnace can alone may be used at the same time, each piece of pottery and porcelain in upper and lower heating furnace heating piece all alone to adjust its temperature, greatly strengthen the control equipment of plate temperature, make the sheet surface temperature control. 5, forming a complete/shear is a major feature of full automatic vacuum molding machine, CNC processing, after fulfilling the molding/shear stand to count products were transferred to stack and the stack. 6, automatic vacuum molding machine mold changing institutions: forming machine has fast in the mould design, saving 60% in original mold. 7, full automatic vacuum molding machine control system: computerized control system adopt the mode of the operation of the touch screen, movement parameter change and storage equipment, brief, change the storage parameters of quick operation, equipment safety performance is high, if the staff in the process of production for illegal operation or maintenance, equipment machine will automatically alarm and automatically stop after testing of the equipment operation. Is negative pressure molding machine
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