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by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
Now many customers would ask when buying a vacuum forming machine vacuum molding machine which brand is good, in fact, so many years customer recognition is the electric power, the two brands is a good brand, recognition of other brands, we all have differences. Star vacuum forming machinery factory is the domestic one of the earliest production of high-speed vacuum forming machinery professional manufacturers. Company technical force is abundant, and has a special machine research and development capabilities, products with its stability, energy saving, thick sheet forming, stretching depth, and the characteristics of the complex products rapid prototyping, winning the trust of the broad masses of customers at home and abroad. 'Star machinery' vacuum forming machine has become customers industrial choice and the focus of attention, and its excellent mechanical properties and optimization of the operating system is famous in vacuum forming, become the industry well-known brands. How long is the service life of vacuum molding machine generally? 1, the influence of artificial factors that also does not have the exact timing, it depends on the inside of the equipment and the quality of the configuration, the most important is, want to see the teacher how to guarantee the startup, some teachers will often have to inspect equipment there is loose, there drop screw, or where cleaning, so that life is long. Master some years from whatever he does not wash his life must be less, equipment and our people, do you often go to take care of his management, he happy, natural and live for a long time. 2 the configuration of the vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine itself depends on the life of a vacuum forming machine itself configuration and assembly level. 1) The electrical appliances generally choose the Japanese and European ( Such as: omron, tight control, mitsubishi, Siemens) ; 2) Is generally in Europe (aerodynamic configuration? For example: nuo crown, festo, etc. ) Probably there are eight More than 10 years, but ultimately depends on gas source, the mainland is commonly use piston air compressor, screw air compressor, suggest it is best to use screw air compressor, which prolongs the life of the electromagnetic valve, cylinder, etc. 3) Hot bricks can choose imported ( Such as: Germany) Life is up to 15 - commonly Twenty years is no problem; 4) As for rail aluminum alloy outsourcing stainless steel are durable lot; 5) Hot stove is made of stainless steel are durable the will of some, but the skeleton must be prepared to some, otherwise the stainless steel heating or there will be some deformation. 6) Vacuum pump generally had better use the three major brands of Germany ( Becker, the clarks, baker) Generally, as long as according to the instruction manual for maintenance can reach 10 years or so, but mainly to see if the customer is willing to spend so much money to maintain; Generally see AVF vacuum molding machine on the market, how life basically can reach ten years, but be sure to maintain good.
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