Use of the raw materials of BOPS thermoforming machine features

by:Mengxing     2020-02-28
BOPS thermoforming machine material under the condition of heating can be used for drawing, material is different so the effect of the tensile and performance are very different. So we in the use of BOPS thermoforming machine will deliberate choice of material. Here we'll look at some material features: 1. PVC sheet with good transparency and toughness, and chemical resistance, and easy to heat molding, can be a good fit and mould, and can be made into very thin thermoforming products. 2. Toughening PS is a kind of more hot molding material, can get a hard containers after thermoforming. 3. Polystyrene two-way stretch orientation, thermoforming can form a transparent container, after using the BOPS thermoforming machine more difficult. 4. Expanded polystyrene sheet are opaque, surface appearance, has a good thermal insulation and shock absorption effect. Hot forming is difficult. 5. Abs thermoforming properties and the toughening of PS is similar, also has good toughness, can do than toughening PS is thinner, the cost is higher. 6. LDPE melt dripping phenomenon, but it can be used for hot forming, products are soft. Hot forming is need to strictly control the temperature. 7. HDPE LDPE than just and hard, so that easier thermoforming.
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