Union star vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine rust inhibitor use

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Union star vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine rust inhibitor use

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takeaway: 【 Vacuum forming machine 】 Main body, the structure of the die set is composed of steel structure, so it is sometimes need to deal with the corrosion inhibitor for protection. So, the Vacuum forming machine 】 What are the categories of rust inhibitor? What is the distinguishing feature of each? Union star mechanical small make up to introduce you to.

【 Vacuum forming machine 】 Use of anti-rust agent mainly include: green anti-rust agent, anti-rust agent, etc. , for a long time can play a certain amount of antirust effect, products have different focus on features.

green rust inhibitor is a kind of very suitable for the Vacuum forming machine 】 A spray mold rust, because of its protective film is relatively dry, also has a higher oxidation resistance, lubrication degree is high. So it is very suitable for metal rust. Before use, the operator need to [first Vacuum forming machine 】 Die thoroughly clean clean, dry, and then sprayed green corrosion inhibitor, and then kept in the shade.

long-term anti-rust agent, as the name implies the antirust function, some products can guarantee the Vacuum forming machine 】 Two years of antirust effect. Is a high cost performance products.

summary: the above is the Vacuum forming machine 】 Rust preventive use of related content. More content, we will in future content updates.

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