Stretch film machine intelligent?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Smart wrap film machine including frame, set in the frame at the bottom of the machine base, fixed connected to the telescopic lifting mechanism on the frame, frame of the side of the side turn turn touch device, and two touch device set collision between feeling and driving gear, the product of machine base of centerline with the center line of the expansion of the lifting mechanism, product of collision feeling on the top institutions, with automatic discharge membrane products automatically puts the membrane organization setup on the telescopic lifting mechanism, along with the expansion of the lifting mechanism movement following the lifting; Products at the bottom of the machine base has two driving wheel and a universal supporting roller. This intelligent stretch film machine applied in various industrial fields; This equipment can be normalized to general packaging equipment, the use of energy storage battery and dc motor, realization of locomotive mobile work. Avoid using the double telescopic principle, solve the high and low membrane function, avoid around when automatic control according to the volume of membrane tension membrane, with a small machine precision, the advantage of powerful functions. Stretch film machine structure including: before the body includes a frame, a conveyor belt, conveyor belt and a film after a ring; Drive ring institutions in frame and connected with wrapping film ring, drive ring mechanism includes two made from rubber and rely on the wrapping film on either side of the ring at the bottom of the cylinder and a motor; A body fixed in the body of the frame and the top down to the bottom of the conveyor belt; Pull membrane consists of a pressure cylinder and a membrane box, cylinder pressure level is set in a body, and is equipped with a can wrap film ring horizontal compression pressure cylinder rod, pull membrane box includes a film, a active rod and a follower lever; Pressure membrane institutions including a film and a pressure spring, a film can be in a horizontal displacement of the body and pull toward the film, a film is tubular and movably set in active rod, squeeze film spring in a film and rely on in a film and a body; Continue membrane fixed in a body, cutting film is a blade. This product is broken film speed, easy to use.
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