Some characteristics of the air bubble film machine is introduced

by:Mengxing     2020-06-05
Air bubble film machine product characteristics 1, machine performance is stable, durable; 2, this machine can produce 3 layer composite bubble wrap. 3, the raw materials ( LDPE recycled plastic, LLDPE) Strong adaptability; 4, choose different flower roll mould, can produce Φ 6 ~ 32 range of bubble size; 5, unique tilting winding mechanism, the operation is simple, convenient; 6, one machine with water cooling and air cooling two at the same time; Water can improve the production efficiency, output stereo sense is strong, transparent bubble membrane, membrane water can meet do not take water 7, frequency control of motor speed control, effectively reduce the energy consumption of air bubble film is also called air cushion film, bubble film, bubble paper, etc. Is one of the used for packing pressure defense moistureproof and shockproof chemical products. Main specifications: 60 cm wide, 110 cm wide, 140 cm wide. Weight per unit area: 30 g - 130 g/square meter according to the raw material is divided into: high quality new material ( Colour and lustre is white) Reworked material ( Recycling and reprocessing bubble film made, because it contains impurities, color slants dark), 。
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