Small uv film crew into parts

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Uv light curing and small uv laminating machine is part of the total want to. First should choose good uv light source. To use imported uv lamp, it produced by ultraviolet light, infrared. Uv small laminating machine is need to ultraviolet light, do not need the infrared heat. Equipped with good transformer and capacitor. Don't choose the ballast made of uv light source, the magnetic field generated by the it is too big, the noise is big, is always buzzing. It is important to note must choose a good air cooling system. Because the laminating machine, uv lamp at work will produce a lot of heat. All need air cooling heat dissipation of the system. And eddy current generated by the exhaust air is not reasonable, or small exhaust system flow can be uv drying zone temperature is too high, the product deformation, even become waste. All said above. Choose small coating machine is important to note that a film head configuration is reasonable, must ensure that the film is uniform. two Uv power to achieve standard, ensure liquid completely dry laminating curing. 3. Better cooling ventilation, to ensure that the film after product variant.
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