Small mixer used in daily life should do how to check

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Small mixer machine mainly refers to the sealed rubber mixing machine, is referred to as mixer, small mixer machine mainly to use rubber plastication or mixing, is a kind of high strength gap of mixing equipment, has a pair of special shape and relative rotation of the rotor, mainly in the section can be too lotus root temperature and pressure of lacunar airtight state to refining of polymer materials, when used in our daily life to do the maintenance 1, when used to examine the workings of the mixer of is in normal state, if you have any problem to be found in time treatment 2, mixer in use may appear the bearing parts of the temperature anomalies, so carefully check whether the temperature is within the normal range after 3, mixer in the use of gas circuit of each part, oil, etc. Is there appears the phenomenon of oil and gas leakage
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