Small mixer operation method

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Small mixer is a mixing mill developed on the basis of a kind of high strength gap of mixing equipment, mainly used for mixing, rubber plastication and small mixer mixing capacity, not only of great and production efficiency is very high also, you can overcome the dust float in the sky around problem, effectively reduce the unnecessary loss of chelating agent, small mixer's main operation method is 1, in a mixing amount and the actual calculation formula of at the same time, according to the mixer chamber before the filling coefficient of capacity and suitable for reasonable arrangement of 2, well before the actual formula is accurate weighing out the amount of various materials in the formula, and then raw rubber, small material and the promoter are placed separately, and then arrange in shelves according to the order in 3, open the power of the mixer, switches, etc. , preheating first to the mixer, and at the same time will also examine some of the other whether accord with a standard such as air pressure, hydraulic pressure, voltage, temperature measuring system, timing devices, power system instructions and record is in normal condition, etc. 4, mixer after preheating good, first should be stable for a period of time, again ready for rubber mixing, finally anchored on top, then will have cut a small piece of raw rubber from charging into the mixer, mixing time for a minute.
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