Simple introduction extruder net changer main types

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Most of the plastic material contain impurities, sheet machine think these impurities can be used easily installed on the polymer melt flow in extrusion machine after Jane net changer to clear. Net is the same as the extrusion machine machine barrel diameter of textile network location. Usually, made up of several layers of different mesh with a package group. The fine mesh is to filter the smallest solid particles in the melt flow, outer layer of the coarse mesh is strong, can prevent the larger particles prematurely into the inner mesh. To counter the force created by the melt flow, lid machine shows that mesh lining a dense hole set of circular steel plate, called a protective plate, embedded into the groove of extrusion machine machine barrel end. In order to replace the blocking network line, first remove the downstream equipment, use clean mesh lining replaced the old mesh, loaded on the production line again. Net changer with replacement group method does not need to shutdown and labor cost. According to the design is divided into two main types: reversal type and continuous type. Swaps in network device has two identical group. One of them is installed on the melt flow path. When the network group become dirty, replace with another set of clean group. At the same time, the old group outside and replacement. Two sets of network group is installed in the same steel plate, revolve around a shaft, or slide along the guide rail line. The former by manual operation lever and the latter by hydraulic sliding back and forth from one side to the other side plates. Another kind of operation is to replace the network with a valve, make the solution from the same group of blocking the reverse flow to the new group. Continuous net changer: continuous net changer will new gradually moved to melt in the flow at the same time to remove the old net. Said system cup machines in network speed according to the miscellaneous quality can be automatically regulate, with continuous net changer can eliminate the intermittent operation of net pressure and melt temperature. A set of continuous net changer is designed according to the rotation of skateboarding. Several group configuration in the ratchet wheel on the peripheral of mechanical drive. Turn the wheel, used the old group moved from the melt flow, before contact with the melt flow, change into a new group by hand. Also some machines using rectangular mesh ( Usually have a 120 - foot - long) 。 In the long nets to enter or leave the machine parts, a small plastic cooling, can prevent leakage of polymer after hardening. Cups printer think these machines with external pull hydraulic filter. Another kind of design is used in the nose of the pressure without external force will be screen out.
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