Simple introduced the working principle of packing tape production equipment

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
Plastic packaging machine is the production packing belt machine, also called packing belt production equipment. Packing belt production equipment main drive is made up of speed regulating motor, reducer, shaft sleeve. Forming part of the screw cylinder, the nose, mouth of mold. Raw materials through the hopper to squeeze in the early embryo screw cylinder heating. The first paragraph - the temperature control of the fuselage - - 120 degrees, the second paragraph - , and the third - 170 degrees - 220 degrees, 250 - the nose 280 degrees. Packing belt production equipment under the water tank on main machine and die early embryos after heating. Belting out the nose after high temperature, immediately enter the water cooling, because the equivalent gauge polypropylene in the case of quench easily generate Yun crystal structure, Yun crystal molecular structure is loose. Easy to stretch orientation, to gain high quality products. Packing tape production line, cooling water temperature control in the 30 - in general 40 degrees, packing belt production line mold head above the water distance of 15 It is advisable to 45 mm. Packing belt production equipment under secondary heating oven facilitate stretching; The purpose of the drawing is in order to improve the packing belt longitudinal strength, reduce the elongation. Packing belt production equipment on the oven heating three times to eliminate tensile stress; After thermal stress on the tank to eliminate stereotypes. Packing belt production equipment for the first traction by control motor, reducer, chain drive, traction roller. It is to finalize the design after the early embryos to the oven. Packing belt production equipment embossing machine motor drive is speed through the belt transmission, chain transmission, gear transmission to the second traction, the embossing, to the third traction. The second drawing heat secondary to the early embryo through the tension bar again stretch forming, conveying to the embossing roll at the same time; Stretching after you pack after two patterned roller, by pressure on the decorative pattern, its role is to increase friction in use, no sliding, viewed from the outside the beauty is generous. Through the embossing roll surface embossing after delivery of product to on the tank or on oven; Packing belt production equipment through a third traction roll feed water tank on the molding machine. You pack in advocate environmental protection is becoming more and more popular today, packing belt production equipment production will be as tight.
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