Should be paid attention to when using the granulator

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Pelleting machine at work, problems that should pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers should be on around the equipment of heat conduction oil. When there is problem or pelleting machine is under normal working condition, need to tell the professional personnel, and professional repair personnel for repair. If discover the abnormal appearance, should press the abrupt stop switch. The operation of the granulator and according to the rules of procedures for oil cooler supply meet the flow of cooling water, prevent the pollution of hydraulic components and pipe line for oil or high temperature, the phenomenon of the obstruction, such as oil spill damage granulator. Extruder it should fit to the reducer filling requirements of lubricating oil. In the operation of the granulator peccancy operation will be made in the operation of the station. To ensure the safety equipment of sex, shall not damage the machine to search for security protection method. Pelleting machine operation, the temperature of the material in not reach setting temperature, the polymer insulation is not good, are not allowed to start up operations
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