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Mengxing plastic vacuum forming machine favorable price easy operation

Mengxing plastic vacuum forming machine favorable price easy operation

Mengxing plastic vacuum forming machine favorable price easy operation

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Product Details
To better learn about automatic cutting machine, Mengxing will provide detailed pictures and detailed information in the following section for your reference.Mengxing 's automatic cutting machine is commonly praised in the market due to good materials, fine workmanship, reliable quality, and favorable price.
Company Advantages
1. Mengxing thick sheet vacuum forming machine is rigorously tested. It has passed many tests: antibacterial & antimicrobial testing, slip resistance testing, shedding propensity testing, and stitching reinforcement strength testing.
2. The product is absolutely a distinctive outdoor advertising method. Its giant shape and eye-attracting images help build up the boisterous and uproarious scene. 卖点、特色句]
3. This product is not easy to fade. Some dye-fixing agents have been added to its material during the production to enhance its colorfastness property.
4. This product helps increase operators' efficiency. It not only increases the overall working accuracy but also cuts the operation times.

Company Features
1. Mengxing is so influential in the field of plastic vacuum forming machine that most people choose it.
2. Our manufacturing facility is located in an organized industrial zone. This plant is equipped with a very wide range of manufacturing machines and allows us to design, produce high-quality products.
3. Mengxing Vacuum Forming Machine is always honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our community. Get quote! As a significant industrial vacuum forming machine exporter, Mengxing manufacturer will brace more to become a global brand. Get quote! Mengxing Vacuum Forming Machine provide outstanding service for every customers. Get quote!
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Product Description

PRODUCT NAME: NO.0 acrylic vacuum forming machine

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Singlestation vacuum forming machine, Double station vacuum forming machine , Full-automatic vacuum forming machine 
FOR INDUSTRY: Bathroom, advertisement, show,gift processing ,decoration, automobile, appliance etc
DRIVE MODE: Hydraulic Transmission
CONTROL MODE: Numerical Control
QUALITY ASSURANCE: The machine all parts quality assurance for a year

NO.0 vacuum forming machine bathroom products PMMA special equipment of production , its forming process mainly for: soften the plank, shaping, cooling finalize the design.

The heating system consists of the heated hood box, reciprocating guide etc
1. The heating system: Heating for ceramics module heat and can partition heating
each heating zone temperature is controled by the temperature controller separately and independent regulated, the temperature to 250 ℃ from room temperature can be continuously adjusted, energy to control the heating percentage (or heating time) to control them. Heated hood box adopts closed structure, the heat preservation material filled to ensure the furnace temperature not easily lost, furnace has more feeling components to monitor temperature.
2. Reciprocating guide: In the plank pressure institutions the linear guide rail is installed for plank pressure institutions reciprocating motion use.
Molding system pressure consists of pressure side frame, the mould by fixed platform, mould lifting mechanism, vacuum mechanism etc.
3. The pressure side frame: in the machine with the framework for the top pressure plate into the mold after vacuum pressure again. The pressure side frame is made from metal and high temperature resistant materials, vertical opening, upper convenient, fixture can adjust size.
4. Mould fixed platform: have high rigidity frame structure, a mold installation fixed platform, lifting mechanism, steering mechanism, lifting mechanism is implemented by air pressure system
5. Plank pressure institutions: the plank after in the pneumatic pressure can be sent into the oven heat. Size can be adjusted.
6. Mould lifting mechanism: used for mould up and down movement system, respectively by a synchronous rack of reciprocating movement up and down the system.
7. Vacuum institutions:made up of the vacuum pump and the vacuum storage box, vacuum Angle valves, vacuum table and other components.
8. Molding process: mold placed in the mold fixed platform,the mould fixed on the stage of moulds and vacuum tank connect with each other. Through the mould lifting mechanism of the die and complete plank seal. Mould fixed platform movement controlled by the hydraulic , the speed can be adjusted. The tensile is relevant with the plank of plank characteristics, the vacuum and vacuum institutions suction speed

Coolin system
9. Cooling system is made up of the total capacity of more than 100 m3 / min cooling fan, through the fan forces air cooling, making the molding products temperatures drop to finalize the design temperature.
10. Electric control box: central control system, (can be installed PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface control).
11. Forming die can be concave mold or convex mold, mold placed in the mold on the stage.
12. Bath crock series hot forming equipment structure design has high reliability. The operation of equipment maintenance adjustment is very simple, mould replacement is very convenient.
13. Devices use: this equipment is suitable for ABS, PC, PVC, TPR, strength and the material such as forming. Can be used in the production of yakeli bath crock, acrylic lavatory, acrylic aquarium etc. yakeli bath crock can also be used in automobile,bath...... And other industries.
14. Device warranty period a year
Specific technical parameters
1. Can absorb plastic biggest acrylic sheet specification: 2100 x 2100 mm a transitions. (according to the guest requirements)
2. The power supply requirements: 380 V/frequency 50 HZ
3. Heating power: 80 KW.
4. Inside the oven for 2200 * 2200 MM size.
5. Steel structure rack with 200 # high rigidity party tube profile form solid structure.
6. The heater for ceramics module heating.
7. Filled materials plate for pneumatic drive mobile device. Maximum pressure 800 kg.
8. Manual/pneumatic pressure loading device, the maximum size: 2100 X2100mm.
9. Automatic/manual vacuum pump and exhaust system. Can be divided into 2 way every road for 2 inches in diameter.
10. Cooling system configuration a total capacity of more than 100 m3 fan/min.
11. Vacuum stood a.
12. Machine specification 8.0 meters long * 3.0 meters wide is 3.2 meters tall.
13. Air compressor one.
14. Electric control box set.
15. All systems are pneumatic enforcement.
16. Bath crock series hot forming equipment is designed for automatic forming thermoplastic sheets and design, use the maximum thickness of 6 plank mm.

NO.0 vacuum forming machine classfication

1. A single station vacuum forming machine: only a work platform, plate fixed in the fastener, into the reheating furnace, and then on to shape.
2. The double vacuum forming machine: there are two working platform, use a set of heated hood box, vacuum system, in a heating work platform molding cooling and may at the same time for another platform plank heat, saving energy, improving the working efficiency.
3. Automatic vacuum forming machine: to set the heating, molding, cooling time, bath crock of the forming process of each operation action by the machine set program in order to complete. In PLC to set each parts of the time. Automatic forming process (upper-closed door-open the machine work work switch-pressure plate-oven heated-detection plank temperature-oven removed-mold roof up-to be automatic blister-automatic air cooled-take out fg)

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