Making a cup of vendors would briefly the composition of extruder

by:Mengxing     2020-04-09
Lid vendors would explain the composition of plastic extruder: in plastics extrusion molding equipment, plastic extrusion machine is usually referred to as the host, and subsequent equipment with matching plastic extrusion molding machine is referred to as the auxiliary. Plastic extruder after 100 years of development, has been developed from the original single screw derived double screw, screw, even without the screw, and other models. Plastic extruder ( Host) With steel tubes, film, with materials, monofilament, flat wire, packaging tapes, squeeze net, plate ( ) Materials, special-shaped material, granulation, such as cable coated all kinds of plastic molding auxiliary machinery, all kinds of plastic extrusion molding production lines, production of various plastic products. Therefore, plastic extrusion machinery for no matter now or in the future, are widely used in plastic processing industry model, one of the plastic extruding machine's host is molding machine, it is composed of extrusion system, transmission system and heating cooling system. Boxes machine if necessary please contact us, price concessions. Including screw extrusion system, plastic extrusion machine ( 15) Rod, barrel, hopper, the nose, and mould, plastic plastic into homogeneous melt by extrusion system, and established in the process, under pressure by the screw continuous extrusion head. ( 1) Screw: is the main component of the squeeze molding machine, it is directly related to the extrusion molding machine and the application scope of productivity, is made from high strength and corrosion resistance of alloy steel. ( 2) Barrel: a metal cylinder, generally with heat resistant, high crushing strength, strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance of alloy steel or lining made of alloy steel composite pipe. Barrel and screw, implementation of plastic crushing, softening and melting and plasticizing, exhaust and compaction, and to the continuous uniform conveying rubber molding system. General barrel length is the diameter of 15 ~ 30 times, in order to make fully heating and fully plastic into a principle. ( 3) At the bottom of the hopper, hopper is equipped with cutting device, in order to adjust and stop the flow of material, the side of the hopper is equipped with sight hole measuring device and calibration. ( 4) Head and mould: the nose consists of alloy steel inner sleeve and carbon steel jacket, in a forming die head, is the role of head rotation movement of the plastic melt into a parallel straight line movement, uniform smooth import die set, and give necessary to plastic molding pressure. System cup vendors would think plastic plasticizing compaction in the barrel, is approved by the flow of porous filter plate along a certain head neck into the head forming die, die core die set appropriate coordination, the formation of cross section and decreases the annular space, make the plastic melt around the conductor to form a continuous solid tubular cladding layer. In order to ensure the nose in plastic flow is reasonable, eliminate accumulated plastic corner, placed tend to have a split sleeve, to eliminate the plastics extrusion pressure fluctuations, also has a set of equalizing ring. Playing cup vendors would show that the head is also equipped with mold correction and adjustment device, easy adjustment and correction mold core and mold set of concentricity.
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