Making a cup of machine brings to the society?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-01
With the high-speed development of science and technology in recent years, various kinds of technology industry is also in the rapid development of our country, more and more mechanical equipment came into our life. Innovative production technology and production mechanism, and produce a series of high quality plastic machinery and food machinery, greatly satisfy the needs of enterprises and individuals at home and abroad. These mechanical make considerable changes have taken place in our life, such as plastic cup machine, it makes we don't have to take large-scale manual production, but as long as the operator beside the machine move finger can; Moreover after plastic cup machine to produce disposable plastic cups, light and convenient, cheap to use. Below to introduce clearly sends the production of plastic cup machine: a cup, plastic machine structure and principle of the plastic cup machine by feeding, heating box, forming machine, rack, air compressor, etc, mainly is suitable for the material is PP, PS, PET, PVC, HIPA, PE and so on, long-term use of 0 ~ 70 ℃ temperature. On the common specifications: diameter of 68 mm, 74 mm high, bottom 48 mm, wall thickness, 10, 2 - 10 g/a. 2 cups, plastic cup machine USES plastic machine is mainly used in the production, the production of disposable tableware, sheet machine, cold drink cup, yogurt cup, jelly cup, ice cream cups, snack box, li riceses leave, etc. At the same time can also processing and pharmaceutical, light industry, textile, tourism, toys and other plastic packaging products. Plastic cup, one of the products of liquid or solid objects is a kind of plastic products, have a cup of thick heat, pour hot water softening, without glass, not penetrate, color variety, light weight, not easily broken, etc. Widely used in aviation, lid machine office, hotel, bar, KTV, home site use, etc. Third, the characteristics of the plastic cup machine 1. High efficiency, energy saving, security, environmental protection, high product quality. 2. The whole machine set piece, heating, stretching, forming, trimming one-time finish. 3. Machine, electricity, gas integration; Cup printing machine for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three running functions. 4. To adapt to the wide raw materials. Such as PS, PP, PVC, PET, ABS and other plastic sheet can be processed.
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