Inverter in the sheet machine and cup machine production line, have what effect?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
The production line has two parts: the plastic sheet machine, hydraulic system unit. One, in the plastic sheet unit, is divided into three pieces, respectively is: 1, the nose: plastic extrusion part 2, the fuselage, plate rolling section 3, the tail: plank winding part of frequency converter in this three parts mainly speed, according to the requirements of the production process, using different sizes of power inverter. Nose: plastic extrusion part root according to the size of the plastic extrusion of the self-contained bearing rod, lid choose inverter machine, usually for the problem of 120 the self-contained rod with 55 kw asynchronous motor, with V5 - H - 4 t - 55 g inverter! External motor speed by external terminal control, at the same table, the control on the timely feedback of plastic extrusion production speed! Due to the requirements of production process, POP plastic was continuously heating in the sleeve, plasticizing, through the self-contained continuous extrusion sleeve, the self-contained rod is driven by motor, need to adjust the motor speed to make plastic be squeezed out by uniform plasticizing, which requires the inverter has a stable performance of speed adjustment, larger torque converter output ability has such features, can well meet the technological requirements. Fuselage: plate rolling part due to the plasticizing plastic through flat die out, presents the shape of the flat plate, at this moment to pass rolling unit to its compressed into unifor thickness of plastic sheet, inverter driven rolling motor rotation, motors to drive three relative cylinder through the chain! Flat plate after a barrel, on the one hand, by extrusion, cooling cup machine on the other hand, the transmission, continuous will conform to the standard plastic plate output! In rolling process, selection of 4 kw motor, due to the suppression of itself exists in the process of extrusion friction, need has a lot to the overload capacity of converter! Inverter in 150% / 60 s overload capacity. Tail: plank winding part of a steady stream of plastic plate out of rolling unit, must through the cylinder winding piles, facilitate stacking, transportation, and suppress the finished product units use! Winding with a 2. 2 kw motor drive, with 2. 2 kw inverter, according to the speed of sheet forming, curled up in time to keep production synchronization! Inverter in this speed control effect! Inverter, small size, convenient for assembly.
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