Introduction to cup equipment production of plastic cup for cup stacking cup stacking machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-23
Cup cup stacking machine is a kind of system equipment in the production of auxiliary cup stacking machine, the mechanical equipment is processed to produce plastic cup with a device for subsequent work in the future. And cup stacking looks be like simple, actually is very critical in mass production, if not to fold the cup, so is a trouble for packaging and transportation. Cup and cup stacking machine is help system machine to produce plastic cup for cup stacking effect, such as processing, forming the packing volume is much smaller, and looks more specification, so it is auxiliary system cup with lid machine equipment for processing in the production of plastic cup with mechanical equipment. What are the main machining process of the machinery, to introduce it here. Aim the cup stacking the tail department system cup machines to port of shipment. Parts made of glass lies squarely in the transmission channel, the upright cup suspended between two adjacent belt. Pass through the middle of the tilted upward transmission belt until the fuselage, not the cups in the transmission channel is the expulsion of gas blower tail back, until in the transmission channel. The cup into the fuselage head automatic dump, nested.
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