Green boxes machine production line huge business opportunities

by:Mengxing     2020-02-28
We know that the state economic and trade commission has been fully eliminated foamed plastic lunch box machine production line, the measure, opened up a broad market green boxes. According to statistics, the annual consumes 100 billion disposable lunch box, and rising at an annual rate of more than 600000 only, but the supply of green boxes are still very few, only 3 billion, products up to 7 billion. And international demand is very big also, us, Japan and other countries about 30% of the production capacity is only for their own, needs to be imported. Zhejiang machine manufacturers, to build up boxes automatic green boxes machine is developing very rapidly, manufacturers are also very much. It is understood that the current green boxes each cost about 0. 2 yuan, although each sales to earn a few cents each, but only one production line daily output can reach hundreds of thousands of, so the market green boxes which absolutely profitable. Environmental experts said, once fully 'the white', a total investment of more than $8000 more than 120 foamed plastic boxes production line, will be eliminated entirely. This machine manufacturer for many boxes make a huge market space, to see who can seize the opportunity, research of new type high efficiency green boxes machine production line.
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