General sheet machine can produce KPS sheet will promote its development

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
K - Transparent resin blend KPS sheet instead of PP, BOPS, the development trend of PVS transparent sheet manufacturing disposable containers. Because want to use special equipment to produce BOPS sheet machine, PVC sheet, so generally required BOPS thermoforming enterprise, PVC sheet is outsourcing. And they can't use PVC leftover material enterprises, recycling the price is very low, increase the production cost of enterprises. Another reason is that other plastic PVC recycled material easy pollution, so take special attention to in production, this creates some trouble for the operation. KPS sheet is in the common sheet extrusion machine production line processing, his side of the foot enterprise can use, but also can increase their sheet production, reduces the production cost. System cup and lid machine often bring certain benefits to the enterprise, so some companies have begun to use KPS sheet in transparent drink cup, hardness and toughness is good, also some make the lid with KPS, instead of PVC sheet. KPS sheet is K - Resin and GPPS resin blend. K - Resin by Philip chemical company exclusive production, prices fell, it instead of PP sheet, PVC sheet, will further increase the possibility of BOPS sheet. At present, the domestic production of PP sheet sheet machine equipment can produce satisfactory KPS sheet.
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