Extrusion laminating machine technology and principle

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Extrusion laminating machine process is to pass through the screw plastic particles after plasticizing of flat die mold mouth into a streamline molten state under extrusion, stretching after attached to the paper, film, non-woven fabrics, woven fabric soft surface such as the base material table, cooling stereotypes pressure synthesis of both the barrier property of plastic film layer and heat sealing, base material of the resilient and functional properties of composite materials. The current paper plastic flexible packaging industry development, big to shipbuilding, small to home appliance fast pin product, in the life all the time not see the application of film products. Air-conditioning refrigerator heat preservation and heat insulation layer. Construction materials of glass fiber insulation materials, including common rain wear, window shade, non-woven fabric wardrobe, non-woven shopping bags, surgical gown, a surgical cap, and now many clothing lining, luggage lining and other industries are the embodiment of the membrane technology is widely used. The main system contains laminating machine, rolling system, extruding system, traction system and main system of winding system. Trimming and corona processing system, system, EPC correction system, and the temperature control system, tension control system and other auxiliary automation system structure. Before the equipment: granulating machine, printing machine or other equipment; Process after the equipment: cutting machine or other equipment. According to the base material layer is different, can be divided into single mode first laminating machine ( Also known as single online) , laminating machine (double the die Also known as the two online) , and multilayer laminating machine, etc. Monolayer film machine is mainly applied to the requirements of the single film products, such as, advertising paper cups, paper film. Coffee cup, etc. To drench membrane process, and the current domestic market more than 90% of all medical packaging materials and medical materials for a single film materials. Double laminating machine is mainly used for double-sided paper cup, paper bowl drench membrane, ice cream cups of raw material for the film. And industrial supplies in the PET film composites and carbon fiber cloth, PET or BOPP film and aluminum foil composite. As well as paper and aluminum foil aluminum plating film composite materials. Such products, due to considering its good heat sealing, will be on the surface of molding products to spray a layer of PE film, late for finished products are widely used. Multilayer laminating machine is currently the most widely used is the application of milk packaging, multi-layer laminating machine, satisfied, including print, a total of 7 layer composite material demand on an assembly line, widely used with the production and use of tetra pak packaging material. By laminating machine industry into all aspects of daily life, the rapid development of science and technology, the rising cost of labor under the condition of more and more high degree of automation, in existing technology in principle, how to further improve the degree of automation, for the user cost savings, improve the yield and the quality of the finished product machine. Innovation is a new generation of research and development team's main goal.
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