Enterprise how to use the Internet to promote themselves?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Domestic Internet has begun to recovery are indisputable facts. First of all, the three major portals began to profit, second, the number of Internet users showed a trend of rapid growth; Finally, broadband and wireless Internet market has begun to startup, cake prospect has been hit. Therefore, how to use the Internet to make money or how to use the Internet to promote enterprise itself should consider is the enterprise the current topic. The author view is: first, the early than late into the cost advantage. No site enterprise should consider to build the Internet window. Second, a platform of enterprise development problems should be considered. This development is not only confined to upload enterprise introduction, update the enterprise dynamic. And many more should focus on promoting the site profile, attract visitors. There are many methods in this regard. Feasible are: 1, exchanging links with similar enterprises; 2, spending, and net website link or online advertising; 3, cooperation with well-known web site project; 4, conduct prize network investigation; 5, combined with the traditional combination of online and offline activities; 6, email marketing; 7, combined with the enterprise itself, from the user database established companies have set up online club; 8, establish enterprise BBS, enlarge interactions with the user; 9, with the media, operators, and other cooperation held activities, enterprise out prizes up again at the same time promote its own purpose. Third, have a certain strength of enterprise can start considering online mall, trying to make online sales, online marketing to build the foundation for the future, and obtain useful experience. Fourth, establish a great effort that is associated with enterprise product comprehensive website, comprehensive web site to promote enterprise own website development, even can use this comprehensive website profit in the future. The construction of the comprehensive site must be sooner rather than later, to do the top of the list will be able to do industry decisions and investment. Fifth, cooperation with the network marketing and public relations agencies, strategic plan for the future network. Sixth, gradually expand the network propaganda, 2-3 people began to build the website construction team. Above is some ideas about the construction of enterprise Internet, write down at random. If segment each, can the detailed plan and planning, this article only for the topic.
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