Employees and productive relationship

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
A series of components were included in the productivity. Including research and development, new technology, new equipment and automation systems with modern facilities. These components are limited, depends on several factors such as production, product performance requirements and associated with cost. People, however, is the formula combined an important factor. Lack of comprehensive training of personnel, all these factors have no influence. Operation skills optimization need to labor, management, material knowledge, control technology and mechanical design of the integrated optimization. Important staff mainly supervisors and workshop supervisor, under normal circumstances, they have worked on the production line, experienced, skilled parameter Settings and how to run the production line. They represent the company to avoid or minimize downtime. So you must let these people will have their technical knowledge to a specific section production line operators. Here are a few improve operation ability and knowledge of tip: 1) To maintain good order among employees relations; 2) Let the team leader and supervisor know that they will have a better future, their job is not limited to this. 3) Conduct internal training and 4) Small factory, may not have time for internal training, need to encourage team leader and others for more training.
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