Cup machine of production need to design the mould beforehand, model

by:Mengxing     2020-02-28
System cup machines is one of the main machinery and production, and the plastic cup machine in the production of plastic cup is currently use most in a city, is also seeing too much of a type. For system cup machines, its composition including the prime mover, mechanism system and control system. Machinery such as computer integrated manufacturing system of modern machinery, also have artificial driving and controlling of screw jack and folding umbrella. And molding machinery system cup machines, contrary to the lid of the machine, its production has a mold, as well as a 'standard templates' of such production out of the cup to keep the same size, accord with the characteristics of standardization. Relatively speaking, not only the system cup machines, such as boxes machine, too, have a certain template to create plastic snack box, if not the production of these molds, templates, so for the process of standardization still has certain problem, and for standardization, must have a standard model is produced to relative to other instruments is in line with the standard, so both sheet machine and cup machine production, these models, the template is the key, is also an important bargaining chip standardization forward.
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