Automatic machine lid simple introduction

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Automatic lid molding machine is designed according to the market demand and development. With automatic feed, forming, temperature control, automatic counting, production speed control, work fast, safe in operation and convenient maintenance. Horizontal sheet automatic blow molding machine, blister lid molding machine, is based on real packaging market demand to develop new products. Drain aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and blister forming machine, the advantages of the pharmaceutical GMP and product research and development of new food QS standard requirements, the machine can according to user requirements product particularity in blow moulding or vacuum forming, punching, punching, automatic process operation, advanced technology, convenient operation, avoid labor consumption in punching and working staff contact with pollution, ensure the product quality requirements in the process of production, the equipment is used for heating plate production power consumption is small, the exterior covers an area of small, economical and practical, widely used in food, medicine, hardware and other industries production. Used in PVC, PET, PS medicine tray and lid molding box and other plastic products, deeply welcomed by customers at home and abroad. Plastic sheet sheet machine its characteristics as follows: 1. Reducer is used in the mechanical drive system and the main connection, main shaft in the same axis ( Reduce the transmission error) 2. Pneumatic system adopts photoelectric control, through the PLC programming, make accurate operation agencies, packaging products in the transfer, in the long run guarantee to the stability of synchronization. 3. To host the infinite speed adjustment. Arbitrary adjustable, mould replacement is simple, mechanical traction and reliable operation. Cup machine 4 plastic flower POTS forming mechanism. Positive pressure forming ( Blow molding)
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