AMB inverter in the plastic plate and cup machine production line of the application ( On)

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
The consumption line of three local: plastic machine group, suppress product packaging units, cup stacking units. As follows: (1) in plastic machine group, the lunch box machine is divided into 3 small local, respectively is: 1, the nose: plastic extruding partial 2, fuselage: local 3, the tail plate rolling: plank winding speed is important in the local or topical inverter used, according to the consumption process request, take different sizes of power inverter! Nose: plastic extrusion locally according to the size of the plastic extrusion of the self-contained bearing rod, choice the inverter, generally for problem 120 self-contained rod with 45 kw asynchronous motor, with 45 kw inverter! Inverter to external terminal master, at the same time, external motor speed table, in control on the timely response of plastic extrusion consumption speed! Because of the request of the consumption process, POP plastic in the sleeve has been warming, plasticizing, through the self-contained _ a sheet machine straight extrusion sleeve, the self-contained rod is driven by motor, need to adjust motor speed by average plasticizing plastic extrusion, and it need the inverter has a stable performance of speed adjustment, larger torque input to, single screw sheet machine AMB inverter have such characteristics, lid machine can well satisfied process request! Fuselage: BOPS thermoforming machine local because of plasticizing plastic plate rolling through the mould out flat, surface flat plate shape, then through rolling unit to suppress the average thickness of plastic sheet, inverter driven in rolling machine, motor by chain transmission to drive the three phase stationary cylinder! Flat plate after a barrel, on the one hand, on the other hand, the transmission, by extrusion cooling continue always will fit into the standard plastic sheet input! In rolling process, the selection of 4 kw motor, because of the depression in own existence very big extrusion friction, need the inverter has a lot of overload talent! 150% / AMB inverter in the 60 s overload ability, its mechanical request complete satisfaction!
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