Air bubble film machine under the correct operation can avoid the leakage phenomenon

by:Mengxing     2020-06-05
1, check the temperature of the air bubble film machine is in good condition, whether to heater is not in good condition, each point temperature is within the scope of the indicators to ensure the normal operation of the machine. 2, bubble film machine products have moisture, shock, sound insulation and beautiful, insect-resistant, prevent mildew and low price etc, therefore in the hopper feeding, must ensure that the clean, beware of metal debris, sand and small tools into the mouth, in case of damage of barrel and screw, if found to have abnormal sound in operation, should immediately stop processing. 3, should make the maintenance regularly, every three months to make a thorough cleaning, bubble film machine of all kinds of bearing once every three months to replace the grease. 4, in front of the boot, must according to the technological requirements to each temperature zone temperature rises to the specified requirements, and insulation more than 30 minutes to boot, it is forbidden to temperature did not meet the requirements before boot, so as not to damage the air bubble film machine. 5, observe whether film thickness is uniform, folding size is in line with the standard. If does not conform to, need to be replaced. Air bubble film machine of scientific and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance generous, stable and reliable performance, easy operation.
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