Air bubble film machine how to improve the quality of our products?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Existing bubble wrap rubber roller on the cooling effect is not obvious, makes the bubble wrap the quality of the products can not meet the requirements. The air bubble film machine includes die, molding die, rubber roller, sink, A fan and B fan, molding and rubber roller mesh together, die in the forming mold and the top of the rubber roller position, the sink in the bottom of the rubber roller position, rubber roller and the water in the tank in contact; A fan is located at the end of forming dies out, along the axis of forming die of setting A duct, A fan of the wind through A duct; B position outside fan is located at the end of rubber roller, along axis of rubber roller set B air duct, B fan wind after B air duct. As rubber roller cooling device in the bubble film machine, using water cooling and air cooling two cooling way of the two layers of hot extrusion film cooling, makes the two layers of hot film composite completely, improve the quality of the air bubble film products. Air bubble film machine is widely used in precision electronics, arts and crafts, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle accessories, ceramic, glass products, fire fighting equipment and furniture packaging.
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