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by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
This company specialized production: blown film machine, blown film machine, high and low voltage co-extrusion blown film machine, blown film machine, plastic striped blown film machine, blown film machine, small agricultural film machine, pp film blowing machine, packaging machinery, packaging machinery, zhejiang province, plastic packing machine, bag making machine, the flat bag making machine, cutting machine bags, rolling bag machine, vest bag, bag making machine, eagerly bag making machine, cold cutting bag making machine, plastic bag making machine, high-speed bag making machine, plastic crusher, sealing and cutting machine, printing machine, granulator, gushing machine, folding machine, non-woven bag making machine, non-woven bag, non-woven fabric printing machine, stereo bag non-woven bag making machine, non-woven zipper bag, bag making machine, non-woven cut machine such as 1, assist the user in charge transport of equipment or contact bus and freight sent straight, fast mode of transportation of the insurance to ensure that the equipment you ordered arrived back home safe and sound. 2, the company sent technical personnel free installation and debugging, Domestic free) 。 Installation and debugging until the qualified products, the installation and free technical training. 3, the machine one year warranty, long-term supply of spare parts, lifelong maintenance, to ensure that after the upgrade has no trouble back at home. Welcome to our company the production, investigation, negotiation.
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