About film machine UV glazing

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Laminating machine UV light using UV radiation curing glazing coating way of polishing. Due to this kind of glazing has many advantages, so has been common to each big enterprise unit applications such as printing graphic shop. 1, after UV glazing glazing are of good quality prints, color and luster more bright compared with other polishing processing, after curing coating smooth wear-resisting, good stability, can swab with water and ethanol. 2, curing speed with UV glazing, dry curing speed is faster than other polishing method. 3, small pollution due to UV glazing coating almost does not contain solvents, organic volatile is greatly reduced, reduce air pollution and improve the working environment. 4 watch flowers, low cost of UV coating weight on the bond is about 4 g / ㎡, the cost is about 60% of the optical film. 5, can recycle print can't recycle paper, coated paper will pollute the environment, and glazing prints can recycle paper, so as to solve the problem of environmental protection.
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