A variety of device inside the plastic cup machine characteristics

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Now we use most of the appliance, bowl and cup are two main classes, the need to use solid bowl is our canned food containers, and the glass is used to drink containers. Said, now the plastic cup is a cup of mainstream, low heat resistance as a result of the plastic material itself, and its stable chemical properties, low cost, good corrosion resistance, so used to the glass industry is very common, but also due to the high plasticity plastic now makes the system cup machine can produce all kinds of plastic cup. This is the use of plastic materials to produce plastic cup, and get the main reason for the all-round development, the system also be one-off plastic cup and cup machine ordinary plastic cup molding of the main equipment. This machine mainly includes multiple unit system, including the sheet machine such processing for plastic raw material with the machinability of plastic materials. Also has a microcomputer control system for monitoring system cup machines, plastic cups of the specifications of the whole process of production and plastic cup set; Cup stacking device is also part of the glass production equipment, to be able to make good plastic cup more quickly overlay, facilitate subsequent transport, this is the main features of the plastic cup machine at present.
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