When we stretch film machine installation should pay attention to what problem?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Winding machine is a for winding of large packaging, there is irregular bulk products easily, but for our packaging products, after winding machine packaging can improve the product's aesthetic, but also to the customer's transportation, so we know we are buying after winding machine, how to install winding machine? When we were in winding machine installation should pay attention to what problem? Winding machine generally appear as the last procedure in the following packaging, belong to the larger packaging equipment in the packaging machinery, because of the winding machine is high, the post for the convenience of transport, generally the pipe down, after being shipped to the customer site for installation. 1. Take equipment; The winding machine with forklift truck down from the truck, in order to keep the balance, the forklift tooth machine slot 1. 1 m or more. Then placed to designated location, slowly remove the wrap stretch film on the device. 2. Rotary column; Few people will post the centralizer arrangement, die set in the wheel side, centralizer column in the process, attention to the wire at the bottom of the column, the wire from the bottom of the hole on the post. Then use random bring four screws to lock at the bottom of the fixed columns and equipment, centralizer column in the process, it is important to pay attention to safety. 3. Connection; Arrange professional electrical personnel will be on line access devices terminal row, line cable and terminal row corresponds to, simple and clear. Then take a piece of ground equipment, ensure the operator safety. 4. Connect the power; Switch on the power supply, equipment cabinet internal switch is closed, then on the front panel switch. 5. Parameter Settings; The device parameter adjustment convenient, and easy to understand. Rotary speed, film tension size, formwork lifting speed, at the bottom of the top, laps, times up and down, the more time can be set and adjust the 6. Wear membrane; Roll film in the capsular institutions, according to the wear membrane schematic good film.
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