Vacuum injection - Molding auxiliary equipment is introduced

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
The vacuum molding is a kind of application of vacuum molding machinery advanced injection molding process ( The method of active exhaust) After, it is the principle of the mould clamping, using vacuum assisted molding machine mold cavity pumping into vacuum state, then fast injection plastic, fundamentally solve the internal gas affect products molding mold cavity. Completely solve the problems caused by mold venting is not good, and can shorten the molding cycle, improve the efficiency of production. Vacuum assisted injection molding advantage 1, to eliminate the influence of the air for molding, fundamentally solve the venting is not good phenomenon; 2, easy mold vacuum cavity filling, reduce the injection pressure and back pressure machine; 3, to speed up the injection velocity, reduce molding cycle, improve production efficiency; 4 improve weld line of products, improve the quality of products; 5, to eliminate product defects, burning, bubble phenomenon; 6, improve products filling effect, thin products filling difficult problems. Vacuum assisted injection molding applications ( Application of the following best) 1, large flat pieces of 2, 3 precision injection molded parts, thin wall injection molding pieces of 3, refrigerator drawer transparent 4, complex products 5, jin deep exhaust difficult products 6, bumper cars such as large products
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