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Vacuum forming products the difference between the vacuum plating and electroplating water

by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
My company recently received a lot of customer inquiries, vacuum forming the product requirements of electroplating, but many customers don't understand the process, the following plastic vacuum plating and electroplating water do a detailed introduction: 1, water electroplating: usually applies to the product of ABS, ABS + PC material. Leading technology is the product of will need to electroplating in chemical plating solution for electroplating. According to the different needs of customers, can be plated into different colors, and specular silver, silver, grey color. Due to the product of the conductivity significantly enhanced after plating, for certain parts of the insulation? There are two ways: first, the need of the insulation parts coated with insulating oil, vacuum forming machine the parts will not be to electroplating when plating, and then reach the insulation effect! Of course, the part of the insulating oil can become black, is not suitable for as appearance. Second, at the site of the need to electroplating sticking with special tape, maintain, identical to the role of insulation. 2, vacuum ion plating, also known as vacuum coating: usually has a wide applicable scale, such as ABS, ABS + PC material, the product of PC material. Together because of its high process clutter, environment, equipment needs, unit price than water plating precious. Now its technological process are briefly analysis: health, go to electrostatic - product appearance - -> spray primer - -> baking primer -> vacuum coating - - -> spray paint - -> baking paint -> packaging. Vacuum plating can be divided into the vacuum plating, UV vacuum plating, vacuum plating usually special; Process such as evaporation, sputtering, gun color. 3, the differences between the two processes: water for electroplating process is brief, from equipment to environmental requirements are not vacuum ion plating of rigid, and be widely used. Shenzhen more such suppliers. And vacuum plating is relatively less. But, water electroplating has a shortcoming, only plated ABS and ABS + PC material ( The use of this material is not very ambitious) 。 And ABS material as long as 80 ℃ of heat-resistant, which makes it the use of the size constraint. And, vacuum plating can amount to about 200 ℃, the parts used in high temperature can be electroplated treatment. Like the wind, the wind ring using PC material, these parts all requirements resistant to high temperature of 130 ℃. The other, usually needs high temperature parts, do plastic vacuum plating will be in the final spray a layer of UV oil, which makes the product outward appearance luster, together with high temperature resistant, and guaranteeing adhesion.
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