Union star vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine mould quotation

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Union star vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine mold how to offer

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guide language: we at the time of sale of goods, price is very important. Prices to attract customers, and to ensure that the manufacturer profits. Union star mechanical small make up to introduce today.

vacuum forming machine mould price, how do we? A variety of moulds quotation method, is more flexible. Today we share to one of them.

we can offer on the basis of production experience. Vacuum forming machine mould pricing rule is made up of the following parts: mould materials ( Gypsum, copper, aluminum material) , handling fees, plane design, the processing of transport, test before and after the mould cost, labor and labor.

graphic design: we can know the general on the basis of experience is one over ten of the cost.
processing profits: our general control in thirty percent to 40.
try mould cost: three percent of the total cost.
the mold materials: general is accounted for thirty percent of the total cost.
for value-added tax: VAT applicable tax rate is now %.
package, transport, generally no more than % of the total cost.

summary: above is au star mechanical vacuum forming machine of small make up to share mold pricing techniques. More information, welcome you to continue to focus on this site.

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