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The cup machine equipment to promote communication to achieve complementary advantages

by:Mengxing     2020-04-06
At present, the domestic cup industry rapid development, has brought system cup machines broad market space. But industry enterprises outside the internal malignant price competition and the technology of landslide to the development of the industry a huge pressure. System of the personage inside course of study points out, more than 80% of the domestic cup machine companies are under pressure to upgrade, it is the best system cup machine industry development opportunities, but the long-term low price competition has formed the domestic equipment 'low price shoddy' bad image, for making a cup of companies would rather spend 5 ~ 10 times the price of the introduction of imported equipment, also do not want to believe that the quality of domestic brands. Therefore, promote the communication of the industry, lid machine to form the good cooperation competition mechanism, is essential to the industry. Through the exhibition communication, industry seminars, brothers units to strengthen industry cooperation projects and other forms of exchange of experience, technical cooperation and common development, to concentrate the power of industry development, so as to continuously promote the power system cup machines, to provide strong spiritual support for industry development, promote sound and rapid development sheet machine field. Build up plastic machinery thinks, the way of exchanges and cooperation are essential to the development of the industry. Making a cup of machine industry is faced with a choice between the upgrading of industry and enterprise extrusion pressure across countries, must constantly promote the communication industry collaboration, realize the complementary advantages of the industry, driving the development of the industry as a whole.
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