Sheet vendors would show that sheet extrusion production need to pay attention to what matters

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Sheet vendors would show what matters need attention: sheet extrusion production in order to prevent accidental mixed with recycled HIPS in the metal particles into the material, the processing of the material at the entrance of extruder hopper is equipped with a magnetic grid system. Crystallization of PS, a total of extrusion machine is equipped with a hot air preheater, used for polymer in extrusion before treatment. Two sets of a diameter of 120 mm ( L / D = 37) The degassing extruder are equipped with a pump unit and mesh, can ensure the production speed required. Coupled with the diameter of 60 mm (3 L / D = 30) Extruder, the extruding unit. All extruder equipped with hydraulic net changer and the gear pump, can guarantee the appropriate distribution of melt, and control the pressure in extrusion die mold parts. Extrusion die head is a controlled activity on the lip, can be manually adjusted, in the process of production can adjust the thickness of the sheet. Lid vendors would show that if the lower lip mouth in the case of downtime can be adjusted, which can reach 0. 5 - The thickness of 6 mm. New type of vertical rolling machine has three roller diameter of 600 mm ( Roller is controlled by frequency conversion motor drive) And two 450 mm diameter roller, improves the cooling capacity of a thin slice, ensures the flatness and stability of the extrusion product. Equipped with special 10 m long scratch resistant roller cooling roll unit corona on both sides of the sheet for processing, also can to deal with each side respectively, system cup machines, if necessary please contact us. In order to solve under the high speed of production line, cutting thin in the process of extrusion products possible problems, the design of trimming system gives special attention to, by a heating system to heat the part involved, and developed a kind of special shaped cutter. Line at the center of the part has two rubber coated roller traction device and a slicing machine.
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