Sheet of plastic sheet machine is what mean

by:Mengxing     2020-03-23
Sheet machine equipment is currently used more, and this kind of equipment for some small products generally used in processing molding, and as one of the plastic sheet machine is the mechanical development, since the more classic production equipment. As one of the plastic production machinery, at present, this equipment can produce some small plastic products supplied to city needs, is a more important processing equipment. When it comes to this kind of sheet machine, in fact, most people the term sheet is not so understand, there are a lot of people don't even know sheet is what meaning, so there is to simple introduce about the meaning of this sheet. In fact sheet is for polymers, such as resin as the main processing components, and then use mechanical processing, and added to a variety of auxiliary reagents as auxiliary components, for processing molding material flow. This material is generally more easily processed, as long as a supplement to the right amount of auxiliary agent, and the material is relatively thin, generally and hard, so in the process of processing is the need for extrusion molding or forming technology. So the plastic sheet machine generally is also a type of extruder, for now, the use of the sheet material is very wide.
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