Sheet machine produces the product types and the composition of the production line

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Sheet machine is a kind of used for plastic molding or extrusion molding processing machinery, also is a kind of plastic processing machinery in the more classic. In processing machinery, it mainly use of the principle of plastic thermoforming equipment, on the production, the plastic sheet machine can produce many kinds of plastic products or plastic mold. In the mold production, mainly based on thermosetting suppress or extrusion as the main mode of production, by thickening agent, filler, release agent, curing agent, such as the deployment of reagents, as well as mulch, the steps such as shape gradually formed plastic products mold. As a plastic sheet production equipment, it produced has a variety of products, including the box, plastic cup, lid, plastic bowl, etc. , these plastic products used in many fields, such as the fast food industry, packaging industry, logistics, etc. , and is one of the most common use is in the family, with some plastic cups and plastic dishes are almost sheet equipment manufacturing. This machinery has now formed a specific production line combination, known as plastic sheet production line, it mainly includes the main machine, rolling parts, transmission parts, drawing parts, to cut off the parts or coiling, electric controlling part. Much has been part of, but is quite simple in operation, is the main representative of thermoforming machine.
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