Sheet machine boot the matters needing attention for the first time

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
1, sheet extrusion machine ( Sheet machine) Warm up, before starting the first around four fifty minutes. System cup vendors would suggest will increase temperature to use hand pulling motor v-belts until freely; According to the normal working rotate to drive eight to ten times in a row, and then continue to heat up ten minutes, and then boot, but will continue to heat, because the normal production need replenishing heat; According to the different nature of the plastic different temperature adjustment. 2 in normal working conditions, extruder, machine temperature to maintain stability, not high and low. Near the vent hole, lid vendors would think until the nose position to maintain a temperature of 200 ℃ or so ( Refers to the c, b) 。 3, sheet extrusion machine into the material wants even, and foot. Sheet extrusion machine for feeding speed and feed speed to match the appropriate. Otherwise it will affect the quality of the grain and yield. 4, when stop, sheet extrusion machine host to completely cut off power supply. Sheet extruder head plug ( With wrench part) Must be picked. Stay sheet extruder the next single preheating before use.
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